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transforms big challenges into bold solutions by catalyzing, connecting and fostering African expertise


Our Expertise

Research and Evaluation 

AEI’s expertise focuses on four key domains: Research, Routine Monitoring and Learning, Data Utilization, and Evaluation.

Advisory Services

AEI counsels both non-profit and private sector actors working and investing in Africa - providing both technical and financial solutions.

Convenor and Connector

AEI links together actors from research, the private and development sectors to create new and innovative solutions to endemic challenges.

What Makes Us Different? Our African Experts

AEI brings together and supports the very best in African expertise and thought leadership. We guarantee the quality of the information, analysis and strategies that we develop. AEI advocates for the elevation, promotion and prioritization of African thought leadership. With AEI you are more than a client, you are a partner in changing the conversation and shifting the way we think about African expertise.   

Africa Experts

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Address: 7 Nord Foire

               Dakar, Sénégal


Telephone: +221 78 44 482 69

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