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Technical Advisory Services

What we do

AEI provides a multitude of technical advisory services, including risk assessments, contingency plans, market studies and feasibility studies. AEI uses qualitative methods like focus groups and key informant interviews, data analysis and secondary data reviews, facilitation or workshops and review processes, and through training and technical material development. 

Below are illustrative examples of how we work and what we do.

01. Contingency Plan Development

AEI has developed contingency plans for multiple clients, identifying macro-economic, security and socio-political risks, developing indicators and triggers to track evolving and unstable situations. 

02. Business Development

AEI has worked with multiple clients to carry out pipeline mapping, opportunity capture, partnership and power analysis, and to develop funding proposals. AEI contributed to several Public-Private-Partnership proposals.  AEI has also trained clients staff in business development and strategy development.

03. Internal Systems

AEI developed internal control systems for a client working with Micro-Finance Institutions in Benin. AEI supported the establishment of a Monitoring and Evaluation system, including the development of tools and training manuals.

04. Technical Materials

AEI developed five training manuals including more than 150 high-quality technical tools and guides for climate smart agricultural production in Mali.

A complete list of AEI's contracts, their value and contact person is available upon request.

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