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Evaluation and Learning

What we do

AEI uses a variety of tools and methods to carry out evaluation and learning for clients. We use a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods, using both field and phone surveys, as well as online platforms. AEI carries out secondary data reviews and has experience in facilitating people-centered design workshops to capture learning, while also contributing to learning strategies and platforms. AEI combines more quantitative methods with qualitative methods including focus groups and key informant interviews. Our assessments and evaluations can be stand-alone - for example, a final evaluation - or can be used to reinforce strategic positioning and value propositions.   

Below are illustrative examples of how we work and what we do.

01. MFI evaluation

AEI engaged a finance specialist to carry out the performance evaluation of two Microfinance Institutions in Benin for Partners for Development. Initially, AEI focused on an evaluation of the level of achievement of contractual deliverables and the quality of théier results. Based on the results of this performance evaluation, AEI carried out an audit of one of the MFIs and provided a program review of a 3rd microfinance partner. As a result of the evaluation, AEI developed an internal control policy along with practical tools that could be applied.  

02. Learning report 

AEI led a Learning Evaluation process for the pilot of the Youth Challenge Fund (YCF) for Plan International. AEI engaged three consultants, including two youth development specialists, to carry out a multi-step process, including online questionnaire, focus group discussions, a people-centered design learning workshop and the revision of the YCF model and strategy based on outcomes from the learning process. 

03. Final evaluation

AEI engaged four consultants and 15 surveyors to execute the final evaluation of a youth education and entrepreneurship project in five regions of Senegal for EDC. AEI conducted qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis to assess the project's achievements against targets and objectives. 

04. Program review

AEI conducted a program review of a nutrition program implemented in Burkina Faso. The mission was  to assess and understand performance and challenges faced by the implementor; assess the funding mechanism and the impact on implementation; assess risks; provide actionable recommendations and negotiate a revised reporting schedule.

05. Gender equity assessment

AEI, working with a team of consultants, carried out an assessment of obstacles to, and solutions for, gender equity in Basketball, Judo and Track and Field in five francophone African countries. AEI carried out more than 40 interviews and 20 focus group discussions to understand gender equity challenges better for players and officials.

A complete list of AEI's contracts, their value and contact person is available upon request.

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