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Why Choose AEI?

Because we transform big challenges into bold solutions by catalyzing, connecting and fostering African expertise...


We work with the best of African expertise. AEI identifies, recruits, vets, and supports all of our experts before we connect them with any of our clients. We guarantee the quality of their work and their commitment to excellence. 


We work with context, sector, and subject experts. Very often, they are thought leaders in their country and in their area of expertise. They are able to provide our clients with contextual, experienced based solutions that are game-changing.


AEI’s founders are versatile international development professionals with over 40 years of combined field experience, with on-the-ground experience in more than 10 countries in Africa and other world regions. We bring not only our personal experience to the table, but our network of professionals with whom we have worked previously and whose capacity and excellence we have witnessed and shaped first-hand.


AEI is a women-led company that promotes, values and builds the expertise and capacity of local experts, especially women. AEI builds the capacity of its network through an equitable approach to consultant management and through supportive supervision. AEI also promotes gender equity, inclusion and diversity in the solutions and services it provides to clients.


By engaging with local experts equitably and transparently, AEI attracts and maintains the best in African expertise. We believe that local context, knowledge and experience can create fresh, new ways of looking at opportunities - not problems - and can catalyze new solutions we haven't seen before.

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