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Strategic and Landscape Analysis

What we do

AEI uses a variety of tools and methods to carry out strategic and landscape analysis for clients. We use a combination of qualitative methods like focus groups and key informant interviews, coupled with secondary data research, workshop facilitation, theory of change mapping, power mapping, SWOT analyses, stakeholder and ecosystem mapping, and our breadth of lived contextual knowledge. Our strategic analysis can be stand-alone - for example a regional organizational strategic plan - or multi-faceted, used to develop actionnable recommendations.

Below are illustrative examples of how we work and what we do.

01. Private sector mapping

AEI engaged private sector specialists to carry out a landscape analysis of private sector actors in Senegal, focusing on small and micro enterprises, and the ecosystem of banks, micro-finance institutions, incubators, and projects that support them. AEI experts carried out over 30 interviews with local actors and provided actionable recommendations.

02. Programmatic Review 

AEI directly conducted a programmatic review of the existing SERVIR program which provides geospatial technology services to West African countries. AEI carried out nearly 30 interviews with research and geospatial services specialists, as well as end-users and government agencies. AEI presented challenges, and solutions, to the uptake, application, and sustainability of SERVIR products and services for Mercy Corps Niger.

03. Regional Strategic Plan

AEI facilitated the development of a regional Sahel strategy for Plan International. AEI conducted a mapping of the organization’s ongoing activities related to social cohesion, resilience and climate change mitigation, including lessons learned from these activities. As part of the strategic design process, AEI facilitated a theory of change workshop.

04. Climate Adaptation Landscape Analysis

AEI carried out a landscape analysis of climate actors, climate donors, and climate-focused projects in Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger. AEI provided strategic recommendations for Mercy Corps focused and growing their donor base for climate adaptation work. 

A complete list of AEI's contracts, their value and contact person is available upon request.

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