Research and Evaluation

Evidence-based decision-making is at the crux of effective solution design, change management, learning, and achievement of impact.  AEI’s expertise focuses on four key domains: Research, Routine Monitoring and Learning, Data Utilization, and Evaluation. Based on client needs, AEI can carry out an organizational capacity assessment, leading to a tailored capacity development plan.

Specifically, we provide the following menu of services:

  • Research

    • Market research and feasibility studies

    • Proof of concept testing

    • Situational Assessments

    • Gender Analysis and Youth Analysis

    • Participatory Assessments and mapping

    • Formative research

    • Action research and development of learning/research agendas, without or without participatory focus

  • Routine Monitoring

    • Develop indicators and monitoring, evaluation, adaptation and learning plans and tools

    • Develop quantitative and qualitative monitoring instruments

    • Provide staff training in routine monitoring tools and analysis

    • Provide support in analysis of results, learning and adaptation

    • Develop MEAL quality standards and operating procedures

  • Data Utilization

    • Data Visualization

    • Dashboard development

    • Development of innovative information technology solutions, including app development and cloud-based data collection and storage

    • Integration of mobile money, product demand and banking products

    • GIS based mapping and drone data collection

    • Provide staff training on data utilization

    • Provide support on data utilization

  • Evaluation

    • Design and implementation of impact evaluations and RCTs

    • Design and implementation of project focused baseline, midline and endline surveys

    • Use of both quantitative and qualitative evaluation techniques

Dedication to continuous improvement drives what we do at AEI. We combine our experience in adaptive learning with your firsthand knowledge of end user needs to create effective, efficient, and human-centered solutions that benefit your staff, clients, and key stakeholders.

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