Private Sector Advisory Services

AEI provides private sector advisory services by connecting private sector clients to its roster of sector experts, facilitating public-private partnership opportunities, and by linking private sector actors and African entrepreneurs and innovators. AEI is at the forefront of using IT solutions to drive growth and change in Africa. 

To facilitate solution design and strategy, AEI links its roster of experts in everything ranging from governance to supply chain to agronomy to its private sector clients. These experts provide game changing insight and thought leadership, linking clients to new opportunities, partners and initiatives. As part of this approach, AEI promotes public-private partnerships, and seeks new ways of bringing private sector approaches and clients together with other actors working in Africa.

AEI partners with with 3MGlobal to link African enterprises to investors, accompanied by operational capacity support. By facilitating these connections together with 3MGlobal, AEI provides clients and investors with new opportunities in Africa, while also fostering and promoting African entrepreneurial expertise. Together, 3MGlobal and AEI also develop new models to engage and link the financial sector through innovative partnership and investment models. 

For the development of IT solutions and products, AEI works with a number of different private sector providers who design, test, adapt and implement based on client needs. AEI works with African web and app developers and engages local private sector providers to provide robust IT solutions and products.

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