Private Sector Advisory Services

Our Private sector advisory services consist of:

  • Providing services

  • Being a facilitator



As a company, we mostly provide intellectual services. We provide our partners with actionable advice including developing strategic plans, providing extensive planning, developing innovative methodologies, providing enhancement services, and other strategic support.
We provide a wide range of services including:
•    Accounting advisory services 
•    Tax compliance services
•    "Business consulting"
•    Technology and risk advisory services

  • Cybersecurity

  • IT Business advisory

  • Outsourced IT

•    Risk advisory
•    Merger and acquisition services
•    Risk and financial advisory



AEI should focus on the dominant African product market over the services market. The company should become a facilitator in the product market in order to position itself for growth.One way to do it, is to act as a partner of companies that provide goods. We will bring together seekers and providers of goods by: 
•    Using our network
•    Helping the providers submit and win bids
•    Helping clients negotiate and work with African private sector companies

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