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AEI believes that private sector actors, NGOs and research organizations must work together to address endemic challenges. BUT, you often don’t speak the same language. We can help you bridge those gaps through the following advisory services we offer for NGOs: 

Technical Expertise
Strategy and Programmatic development

AEI, with partners who have expertise in both the private sector and NGO sector, is well placed to help NGOs discuss and negotiate with private sector actors in the development of programs and strategies. AEI knows that private sector actors and NGOs don’t often speak the same language, yet there are significant benefit to both sides when they do. AEI also works with Corporate Social Responsibility experts who can help NGOs access CSR mandates with private actors. 
Lastly, by bringing together deep local knowledge, private sector expertise and NGO sector expertise, AEI can help NGOs design programs that a systems and market based, developing true facilitative approaches that can transform sectors and provide new opportunities. AEI works closely with banks, impact investors, IT and communications companies and other private sector actors, and can bring those relationships to the table when developing projects and programs.

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