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Project and Strategy Development

01. Project development

AEI developped a compelling, evidence-based technical proposal for a Climate Investment Fund in the Sourou region in Mali. The organization  was responsible for the write up of a technical proposal and participated in the technical design of the fund.

02. Public - Private partnership development

AEI supported a private agricultural company in Uganda to submit a public/private partnership proposal to USAID. We provided a comprehensive review of the technical proposal and costs and drafted the M&E and Branding & Marking sections. A work plan template and a logical structure were also developed for the company.

03. Ressource mobilization

AEI is providing technical support to Jokalante, a Senegalese social enterprise, to develop various grant proposals to expand their innovative climate and agriculture information service. We work closely with the Manager to better understand their bundle service and together, find the best way of presenting it in different grant proposals.

04. Program design

AEI developed a concept note in GAC format and a Logic Model. We led the design of a $10 million feminist Humanitarian – Development – Peace nexus project in Niger. 

05. Private sector mapping

AEI carried out a market study of the private sector in Senegal. We collected relevant information for a future request for proposal for a program that would promote entrepreneurship and business investment in Senegal.

06. Mapping funding opportunities

AEI mapped the funding market in DRC to determine specific potential opportunities for an international NGO. AEI helped also determine the potential value of the pipeline of opportunitie in DRC and provided recommendations on potential funding opportunities.

07. Opportunity capture

AEI conducted a programmatic review of the existing SERVIR program for to understand perceived success and gaps to frame the design and submission of a bid for SERVIR II. AEI helped understand challenges, and perceived solutions, to the uptake, application, and sustainability of SERVIR products and services.

08. SRP Development

AEI led the develoment of a Shock Response Plan for the new Bridge Youth Connect Program (BYC). The SRP included  a description of the major shocks and chronic stresses that may affect BYC program performance, undo BYC development gains, and harm direct BYC beneficiaries. It also included interventions/strategies to mitigate ongoing stresses and to reduce risks associated with shocks.

09. Opportunity capture 

AEI carried out stakeholder mapping and interviews followed by recommendations, to support the proposal development of a resilience and food security program in Niger.

10. Strategy development

AEI facilitated the development of a regional Sahel strategy for a lead international NGO. We conducted a mapping of the organization’s ongoing activities related to social cohesion, resilience and climate change mitigation, including lessons learned from these activities. In addition to drafting the strategy, we planned and facilitated a theory of change workshop

11. Contingency plan development 

AEI led the development of a contingency plan for Governance project in Niger.