and Learning 

01. MFI evaluation

AEI carried out the performance evaluation of two Microfinance Institutions in Benin to evaluate the level of completion of their contract and the quality of their results. Based on the results of this performance evaluation, AEI carried out an audit of one of the MFIs and provided a program review of a 3rd microfinance partner. Based on recommendations from these two works, AEI provided institutional capacity builidng support to the project team on internal controls, data quality, and M&E. 

02. Learning report and strategy

AEI led a Learning Evaluation process for the pilot of the Youth Challenge Fund (YCF). AEI carried out a multi-step process, including online questionnaire, focus group discussions, people-centered design learning workshop and revision of YCF model and strategy based on outcomes from the learning process. 

03. Final evaluation

AEI carried out the final evaluation of a youth education and entrepreneurship project in five regions of Senegal for EDC. We conducted qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis to assess the project's progress in achieving its objectives.

04. Labor Market Assessment

AEI conducted a youth labor market assessment in Burkina Faso and Niger. We primarily provided information-gathering services for the implementation of a five-year program designed to help the most vulnerable young women and men in Niger and Burkina Faso. 

5. Program review

AEI conducted a program review of a nutrition program implemented in Burkina Faso. The mission was  to assess and understand performance and challenges faced by Power of Nutrition (PON); assess the funding mecanism and the impacts on the phases; assess risks; provide actionable recommendations and negotiate with the different stakeholders a reasonable reporting schedule.

6. Access to Finance Assessment

AEI carried out a radip evaluation of the access to finance needs of producer organizations in Mali and proposed solutions to barriers they face.

7. Case study development

AEI developed a case study presenting the approach and achievements of an education project focusing on employability and entrepreneurship in Senegal.