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Organizational Capacity Building

01. Ressource mobilization capacity

AEI partners with EPIC-AFRICA to provide coaching on communication and resource mobilization to ENDA and the African Movement of Child and Youth Workers (AMWCY) over a one year period. 

02. Internal controls

AEI carried out training, coaching and mentoring of a project team in internal controls and data quality control following an evaluation of the M&E and internal control systems.

03. Capacity building in Agriculture

AEI supported Agilis, a private agricultural company in Uganda, to submit a public/private partnership proposal to USAID. AEI  provided a comprehensive review of the technical proposal and costs. Additionaly, AEI drafted two sections of the proposal which are 1) the monitoring an devaluation plan and 2) the branding strategy and marking plan. 

04. Development of technical tools

AEI developed technical tools and guides for climate smart agricultural production in Mali.