Convener and Connector

AEI - building from it's base of experts, local knowledge, and experience across the continent - has the unique opportunity to convene and connect these actors together. 

AEI also believes in the importance of linking to - and leveraging - the experience and knowledge of the diaspora. In particular, AEI plays a unique role in advocating that African and diaspora voices, leadership, and experience should be at the forefront of discussions and decisions about Africa. By acting as a convener and connector, AEI will shift the dialogue from Africans as participants and beneficiaries, to Africans as thought leaders, experts, and visionaries. 

AEI works with a variety of non-profit, private and university actors to start prov this conversation, linking the right people and thinkers together to advocate for change in the way we think about African expertise, while elevating and valuing local innovations and solutions.

In 2021, AEI anticipates convening and connecting through a formal platform. Check back soon for more information!  

Africa Experts